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4 Ways To Increase Automotive Performance

In these days of high gasoline prices, it may seem ridiculous to consider ways to increase your car’s performance as they are almost always associated with increased fuel consumption. However, there are four ways to increase performance that do not have to negatively impact your gas mileage. Let’s take a closer look at each one. […]

Insurance For Car Repair

<> For people with car, it is very important that we get car insurance for our safety. It’s not just a simple insurance that we are looking for but the cheapest yet complete coverage possible. The most common first insurance to consider is a car breakdown plan and coverage. But before we decide if we […]

Cheap Car Repairs

Cheap Car Repairs And Other Car Maintenance Tips In your daily drives, it is but natural to encounter problems such as engine noise, leaks, electrical problems, air conditioning or heater malfunction, brake pulsation, transmission problems, and many others. However, there’s no reason to worry a lot because cheap car repairs are now available. Besides, there […]

Helping Your Car Run the Extra Mile

It doesn’t always fit into your schedule BUT ! A little extra care here and there when it comes to your car, and you’ll find yourself saving loads of money – not just on repairs, but on fuel as well! Keep your engine tuned up. A misfiring spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency as much […]

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